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The Traffic in Women

The reading The Traffic in Women: Notes on the “Polictical Economy” of Sex by Gayle Rubin is trying to understand the definition of the sex gender system. He uses some excerpts and theories of Freud to further develop his ideas. He uses the diffrent theories made by diffrent thoughts from the past. Examples include Marx theory and his ideas on capitalism and its effects on everyone from what they eat to the clothes they wear. Then he uses Engels ideas as well and ties that into how capitalism is a parf of sex oppresion.

Rubin realizes that in Freud’s theory women are oppresed he feels that Marx’s views women and the equalizaton of men and women to create and negative effect on society. Rubin feels all these theories are just creating a bigger seperation between genders. Genders should be together and wants the same things without being competitive. The theories made in a such a analytical way must have more proof to be evident.

Gayle views all of these theories as ways to maintains gender and the division of the sexes. The main concern is the hope of one day having not just the oppresion of women eliminated but to have these “sex roles” and certain ways of viewing each gender and sex eliminated for good.


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