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During the discusions of gender there has been the main idea of society indicating which is the way to go for each gender in terms of roles to take in every aspect of life. This excerpt from Butler is an example of many stereotypes that are said about certain situations in life about what genders should and should not do. Butler mentions the diffrence between the external and the internal of the body. Butler feels that the body is sometimes looked ‘as passive and prior to discourse”. In other words there are many times that we are judged by our appearence. Our gender is one of the first things that are evident physically and our part of our external.

Butler mentions Purity and Danger by Mary Douglas. This excerpt according to Butler suggests that the body entails many taboos and cultural coherence. The body give impressions of somone from the outside but in actuallity internally the intelect is completley different. The way to differentiate the two are two words used by Butler one of them is the performatice they are gestures, acts, and desires created by each person. Then their is the fabrcications which is what the body demonstrates by general and corporal signs.

In Butler’s excerpt there are many examples of showing the diffrence between the external and internal of each individual. The gender troubles seem to be the “body” because it immediatley associates certain objective views. As Butler mentions other subjects like gays and lesbians and states that people immediatley associate gay with the AIDS disease. This can be seen as a performative stereotype. Butler’s excerpt mentioned many important examples and thoughts that explain the gender trouble.


Comments on: "From Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity" (1)

  1. Jasmine Cruz said:

    I think that the gender trouble does have to do with the body but also with the mind of the person. I agree that the body is causing these conflicts within each individual since society tells them that their outer appearance should also reflect their insides and mandate how they present themselves.

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