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Priori in gender Identity

By Mayra Jiménez

I have written a creative answer to Wittig and Foucault in relation to the body, and the idea of a preexisting priori that culture has defaced by placing categories to fit a planned scheme.


My body is the subject for much criticism, and has been used to define the ways of the world, as if my body is only a defining and concrete answer to everything I feel, think, and do.

I, the mind inside, the spirit, the human, the child, the parent, the sibbling, the artist, the worker, the healer…all my I’s are what I am; whatever I fit into my bucket, that’s who and what I am.

It is not my body, and not certainly a sticker posted on my forhead or on my back, what can define who I am. I am me, the I that is not defined until the day I die.

I can write tattoos on my skin, but that doesn’t mean I am dirty or perverted. I choose the lenght of my hair, not to fit into a gender acepted kind of look, but to match the way I want to feel the air against my skin…


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