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The life of Feminism

I must start this post by saying, feminism never seemed as complex as it is before this course. As one of 19 females within my family, I never stopped to think what exactly does it mean to be a female. Hearing the word ‘feminist’, but not fully understanding the complexity of it has left me reading and re-reading this excerpt. Judith Butler, though very articulate, has left me in a slight radical state of mind. Are we born females or is this gender role something that we acquire over time?

The challenge posed among the initiation of the reading, set up my perspective for the entirety of the exerts. The thought that sex and gender are socially constructed was something that I had never conceived to be true. How is it that my entire life I have distinguished ‘females’ as something that we are born as, whereas in all actuality it is something we have been socially constructed to be. When I began to associate this notion, I realized that as young girls we are automatically deemed to be delicate. It is implied that we be represented by specific colors, themes, roles etc. But does this make it true that sex and gender are both delegated?

Though I understood the gist of the reading, I found it difficult to agree or disagree with it all. Butler brings up valid points of sex and gender being social and political, but that could be said of many things in life. It comes down to a point of how we want to identify a person. When we think about women, we think about all the things that come along with them; make up, dresses, heels, bows, ceremonies. This may be off topic, but why is it that a women is more fluid into a “male” role. They can wear sneakers, ties and shave their heads, things that are dignified male traits, but still be deemed women, but men who do the opposite are exemplified as transgender etc. Though I may be flipping the script, it wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t refute what was argued in our readings.

Over all, I tried my best to understand this reading, and it may be that last week was my first class, but I am having a hard time understanding the theory. Reading everyone’s post has helped me catch a gist of it, but still difficult for me to write about it. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as being an effective reader with this type of literature?


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