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From a Room of One’s Own

Virginia Wolf starts off her excerpt by going into detail on how she observes the author of The Mental, Moral, and Physical Inferiority  the Female Sex, she feels that as he writes his story he is killing women. His ideas are written with a pen. Wolf sees the  pen as a symol, representing a knife.  He stabs women on this paper.  Wolf continues by saying ” but even when he had killed it that did not satisfy him; he must go on killing; and even so, some cause for anger and irritation remained”.  Wolf is explaining how the writer was not satisfied with the first thoughts that were articulated on that paper. He wanted to continue diminishing the idea of the women and his thoughts on her inferiority. She then talks about the book  Life’s Adventure by Mary Carmichael. She finds Carmichael to be an insecure writer her ideas are inconsistent. Carmichael seems to be afraid of expressing herself openly. But she then stumbles upon the  interesting  plot of the story. Which is  of two women that are friends and labratory partners. Enjoying the book she realizes that these two women are the main characters who are named olivia and chloe. She sees the writer in a new light. Carmichael  portrays the relationship of these two women as co-workers and simply friends. Unlike in other novels which women usally have the role of mother, sister, wife, or care giver. In this novel these women are on an important quest for life and medicine. Wolf is astonished  and impressed. Carmichael was capapble of displaying a diffrent type of relationship between women. The courageousness of this writer showing something different. Wolf explains how Carmichael has a room to herself where she sees things differently and writes and expands her thoughts turning them into a uniques story.  Unlike the writer that was first mentioned.  Wolf says “I think that some thing of great importance has happened”.

Jackie TOrres


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