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    The concept of auto eroticism as described by Irigaray left me puzzled, and uncertain as to whether or not I agree with her argumement. “Woman ‘touches herself’ all the time…for her genitals are formed of two lips on continuous contact.” I must say, woman opposed, in denial or have never experimented with any form of (self) masturbation might find that concept hard to digest. The mere thought of my lips (not sure which pair Irigaray is referring to but I’ll assume the labia minora) caressing each other as a form of masturbation is absurd. After all, isn’t self pleasure the primary purpose of masturbation? In the case of women, doesn’t it allow her to get in touch(literally) with herself, and discover new and better ways of obtaining pleasure. If as a woman, I involuntary masturbate, why do I not feel pleasure? Why, as I sit on this chair, typing away am I not turned?

    In digression, I can’t help but wonder if autoeroticism exists for male. If woman experiences it, why not her male counterpart? Maybe I’m wrong, or over thinking Irigaray’s argument, but I believe males do. I’m picturing the male anatomy and if I’m correct, the testis rub against each other. Also, the penis rests on top of or between the testis. All three, in some way, caress each other. With that being said, don’t males experience auto eroticism. He doesn’t need “an instrument” to touch himself.


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