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This Sex Which is Not One

In Luce Irigaray’s excerpt This Sex Which Is Not One, I came to find the very same argument I have been contemplating for years. Women seem to always be signified as people of various roles and various titles where as, with men, they come to serve one purpose. This can go back to the old argument of double standards, where if woman really feel one way they must conform to ask another way in order to fulfill the esteem of being a “women.” Why is this such a dominant topic of conversation, I used to think to myself?


Now I can sit here and re-read this excerpt to find that the opening of The Sex Which Is Not One, describes women genitalia to be the emulation of men’s and only serves a purpose to pleasure and keep the men the way they’d like to be kept. More over she describes the disruption of the two lips by a “violating” penis. I feel as though this statement could be taken any way. Though I see the point, I feel distinguishing the penis, as something violating is radical. Though a woman can feel pleasure on her own, the warmth of the two joining together as creations of the world is not a violation but a mere embracement of longed feeling. I may come off as the radical one here, but that’s just my thought on that.


She moves on to describe the fact that male pleasure defines a woman’s. With the harsh discourse, I came to understand that women seek to find their sense of entitlement through what they can give someone of the opposite sex. I am not completely sure if what Irigaray is saying is valid or not, but the idea that we revolve a lot of our sexual needs around what our partner can offer our erogenous zones, could quite possibly be true. However, if I understood correctly, the idea that we have defective male bodies is insane. This can be referred back to science that the reason why our bodies are formed the way they are is for the purpose of reproduction.


Though all very complex and somewhat challenging, I got a lot from this reading. There is actual psychosis around the idea of women being the fixation of men. This reading has challenged me to really think about how I perceive my body and my genitals. How there is a complex definition and thought process behind this all. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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