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Patricia Hill Collins through her theory in Shifting the Center: Race, Class, and Feminist theorizing about Motherhood  expresses the need for incorporating perspective into feminist theory. “Mothering occurs in specific historical contexts framed by interlocking structures of race [and] class”, expresses Collins with her presenting of  Spelman’s  writing. I totally agree with this because in the context of my family structure it does not resemble the family archetype expressed in many of the theories we have already encountered in this class. Spelman also says that “despite the significance of race and class, feminist theorizing routinely minimizes their importance.

By not incorporating race and class into feminist theory “those who are working class or from racial ethnic groups [are seen] as less  autonomous, and therefore as fitting objects for the elite male domination.” (Collins, 1994) To properly theorize on females and family structure because working with race and class helps define the experiences of woman in society.


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