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For His Pleasure

So while Laura Mulvey’s article brought up interesting points, there’s at least one I managed to extract and somewhat agree with. She mentions that “woman displayed as sexual objects is the leit-motif of erotic spectacle:from pin-ups to strip-tease…she holds the look, plays to and signifies male desire.” It is universally understood that the female body is the object of most heterosexual male’s fantasy. Consider your average R-rated film, so rated due to, as the ( puts it, “adult themes… adult activity…[and]sexually-oriented nudity.” In the case of film, female nudity is pervasive. Most films that portray nudity rarely show the male sex organs. In coital scenes, there are always prolonged and exaggerated close-ups of the woman’s body and facial expressions, and amplification of her supposedly sexually-satiated moans. How unfair for us heterosexual women to be denied the pleasure of viewing a full-frontal, nude male body. Just as a side-note, a few years ago, a famous male actor had one of his scenes deleted from the final cut of a movie. (I can’t recall the actor’s name nor the movie). Reason: He was too much man. How ridiculous, isn’t it!

      Though relevant, it’s pointless to even mention pornography since we know they’re mostly catered to men’s fantasy and pleasure.

     Even in everyday life, as Mulvey puts it “the woman as icon [is] displayed for the gaze and enjoyment of men.” So many times I’ve seen men visually undress women as she walks down the street, or, turn to inspect her derriere if she walks in the opposite direction. It’s no wonder men’s favourite season is summer.


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