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Lesbian existence

Adrienne Rich essay on “compulsory heterosexual and lesbian existence” truly made me take a closer look at what I believed towards assumptions on sexuality.  I can see why she would ask the question that she does. It is true that as babies the first bond we ever make is with our mothers who happens to be a women so why not as women be able to better identify  ourselves with such.

Rich ideas of ” lesbian continuum” and the question that arises whether lesbianism is truly defined by all the possible interactions among women or is it by erotic choice that this interactions are made. I don’t agree with society idea that the only normal relationship is between a man and a women. I have led relationship with women that are much alike to a relationship with a man.  The idea that men see any other type of relationship as deviant is ridiculous. the fact that men have had or have such power over women as Rich clearly states denying women their sexuality, or to force it upon them, command or exploit their labour etc makes me ask who are they (man) to define what a deviant or not relationship is? .


Comments on: "Lesbian existence" (2)

  1. Donzell Evans said:

    I agree that not all “normal relationships” have to be heterosexual. Sometimes the one we a sexual relationship with cannot fulfill our emotional needs. Also friendships helps build us for “the one” letting us experience emotions and situations in a safe nonsexual way.

  2. I don’t quite agree with Rich’s idea of the lesbian continuum, though. I don’t have problems with the idea of that particular continuum as such, it helps understand a lot of things but calling it a lesbian continuum, to me, kind of defeats the purpose of the label lesbian altogether.. I mean, if women who have sex with women is broadened (and hence reduced in a sense) to a continuum that comprises all relationships from that of mother/baby to platonic friends to lesbian partners.

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