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As I read Femmes Fatales,Mary Ann Doane I couldn’t helpbut think of what a femme fatale is or the role that it’s suppose to play . Immediately my mind travels to an HBO movies of a women who is desired by every man she encounters. Plays the role of the ultimate sex figure yet is also strong and able to defend herself. To summarize the movie every man she sleeps with she ends up killing and this caused for a question to arise;  is a femme fatale a super sexy murder?

” The woman’s relation to the camera and the scopic regime is quite different from that of the male”(19) I would have to agree with this idea. The role of women on camera is one that is far from the truth and times ridiculous from real world. I find that the role of woman hasn’t changed that much through history. Almost in every movie the woman is docile and nurturing and will stand by her man no matter what. Not long ago I saw a movie in which women were portrayed as this weak beings who depended on man to be happy and I feel that it’s wrong because we are so much more than that.

As I continue to read, the author states that “woman is frequently the object of the voyeuristic or fetishistic gaze in the cinema” I can’t help but ask why is this? When did women become just an object to be looked at and nothing else.

“womanliness is a mask which can be worn or removed”(25) Itotally agree with this idea, woman have to wear a mask at times in order to be able to survive and to cope with the image that we must try to fit into. I can’t help but complain that man have it to easy. The author claims that it isn’t that man can’t use their body but that he doesn’t have too while woman use their sex for gains. The feminist in me screams  ” oh the injustice”


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