The Official Blog for ENGL 41416.

Reading Assignments!

Week 2

  • (FT p140+) Horney,”The Dread of Woman…”

Week 3

  • (FT p230+) Ortner, “Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture?
  • (FT p201+) Rubin, ” The Traffic in Women: Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of Sex!

Week 4

  • (FT p434 & Packet) Butler, Gender Trouble
  • Chopin, The Awakening

Week 5

  • (FT 135+) Woolf, A Room of One’s Own (chpt 5)
  • (FT 215+) Cixous, “The Laugh of Medusa”
  • (FT 260+) Irigaray, The Sex Which is Not One
  • (FILM) I, the Worst of all
  • recommended: Poems by Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz in Spanish or English translations. Some can be found here.

Week 6

  • (PACKET)Anzaldua, “Speaking in Tongues”
  • Sapphire, Push

Week 7

  • (Packet) Spivak, “Can the Subaltern Speak?”
  • (In Class Film) Kyung Cha Dictee (1982)

Week 8

  • (FT 264+) Chodorow, The Reproduction of Motherhood
  • (FILM) Imitation of Life

Week 9

  • (Packet) Collins, “Shifting the Center: Race, Class and Feminist Theorizing about Motherhood”
  • (FILM) Imitation of Life

Week 10

  • (HANDOUT) Mulvey, “Visual Pleaure and Narrative Cinema”
  • Clips from Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958), The Birds (Hitchcock, 1962), and “Ugly Betty” (season 1, 2006)

Week 11

  • (Packet) Doane, Femme Fatales
  • (FT 131+) Riviere, “Womanliness as a Masquerade”
  • “L.A. at Last”, I Love Lucy

Week 12

  • (Packet) Kaplan, “The TV Apparatus and the Female Body…in Rock Videos”
  • Music videos by Madonna, L’il Kim, Shakira
  • Barbie Doll Week

Week 13

  • (FT 290) Rich, “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existance”
  • (FILM)Fire

Week 14

  • (Packet) Miller, “Getting Personal: Autobiography as Cultural Criticism”
  • (Packet) Duplessis, “For the Estrucscans”
  • O’Faolain, Are You Somebody?

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